Hitchin Carnivals

From as long ago as the 1920s Hitchin held a carnival in the summer to raise funds for the friends of the local hospitals. These pictures are from the Herts Pictorial in 1929 (Courtesy of N. Herts Museum). Click for a larger view.

Hitchin carnival in 1929 Hitchin carnival in 1929

Carnival in 1929

Hitchin Carnivals 1966 to 1972

A member of Hitchin Camera Club took on the task of recording the procession through the streets between 1966 and 1972. The collection of slides was donated to Hitchin Historical Society in 2017.

Hitchin carnival in 1964

Carnival in 1964

I've scanned the slides and present them here with a suitable carnival soundtrack, The Sandpebbles (of Barbados) sing Don't stop the carnival and The rum song

Watch direct from this page. Click the Play button to start.

Hitchin Carnival 1964-1972
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