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ICOS Reunion, 2022

Group photo
Group photo, courtesy of John Dickinson

Public Hall, BS
Public Hall

In 2022 a group of ICOS alumni, including Roger Nicholls, Cecily Nicholls (née Woods), Tim Johnson, Jane Johnson (née Turner) and Debbie Miles-Johnson (née Kemp) suggested that it would be good to hold a reunion of folk who had taken part in the 'Tours' in the early years, as it was just over 50 years since they started. The obvious venue was the Public Hall, Budleigh Saltereton, Devon, where most of the shows had been staged.

The herculean task of finding contact details for everybody was accomplished and about 100 people arrived in Budleigh on the first Saturday in September. The planned events were a time for socialising and renewing acquaintance, food and drink and entertainment such as singing.

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Name badges


On arrival everybody found there was a name badge waiting and a glass of either wine or juice.

Then there was a time for renewing acquaintances and mingling. The stage was filled with memorabilia and photo albums lent by the members.

Memorabilia Memorabilia Memorabilia

Singing - the first four

Deborah hands out music
Deborah handed out the music scores and it was time for the first bout of singing.

Singng Singing Singing

And what did we sing? Items from the tours of: The Mikado, Ruddigore, Yeomen of the Guard, and The Sorcerer.

Here are the sound recordings. Things have moved on since the 1970s. Tape has been replaced by memory cards and these were made with my Zoom H2n digital recorder.

The Mikado: Brightly dawns our wedding day

Ruddigore: When the buds are blossoming

Yeomen of the Guard: The Pris'ner comes to meet his doom

The Sorcerer: Now to the banquet we press

Cream tea

We were in Devon, so it would be rude not to have a cream tea

Cream tea Cream tea Cream tea

More singing

Iolanthe: Young Strephon is the kind of lout

Pirates of Penzance: When the foeman bares his steel

Utopia Ltd: Eagle high in cloudland soaring

Yeomen of the Guard: Strange adventure, maiden wedded

Yeomen of the Guard: The Pris'ner comes to meet his doom - reprise

The Gondoliers: Dance a cachuca, fandango bolero

Finale to Act I of Pirates of Penzance

Singers and orchestra

The vocalists were joined by the orchestra to perform this as the grand finale to the singing. The video version is on my YouTube channel and shown below at the end.

And finally...

The quiz

Fish and chips
Fish and chips

Our gallant organisers had even devised to quiz to tax our brains on the subjects of OPSOC tours, Budleigh Salterton, etc. Then,famished after all that singing, we were treated to fish and chips.

There followed more activity in the form of a barn dance but We weren't able to stay. I hope that another member will be able to supply some pictures to add here.

The Pirates Finale Act I Video

And so here's the video uploaded to youTube, as promised. You can play it here by clicking the screen shot below or by going direct to youTube at

Other photos and videos

My photos

I've stored my still photos on Google Photos at:
where you can download any that you like. Please credit me if you use any of them.

ICOS Reunion Website

Tony Hadrell has taken on the task of collating material from the reunion and presenting it on a website at:

I've taken the libery of stabilsing Tony's video of 'Brightly dawns' and adding my stereo soundrack. There's a 29 second still to start in order to synchronise the sound.

Brightly dawns our wedding day
[right click to download it]

Mega Video

Paul Leonard has edited together a Mega video to cover the procedings of the whole day with contributions from many others. It runs for about an hour and 25 mins. and can be viewed on YouTube at

Or watch it via this window:

Early videos

Following the September Reunion, Martin Taylor contacted Roger Nicholls and me about some videos he's hosting of shows from 1977 to 1985. He suggested that I put them on my web site here.

Camcorders and video recorders from the period were not up to today's digital standard and once copies were made the quality deteriorated. So don't expect broacast standard video.

ICOS Early Videos, 1977-1985

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