Imperial College Operatic Society Programmes

Includes some college productions that I found in my bottom drawer. And many thanks to Roger Nicholls for lending me his collection of programmes to fill in some of the gaps and extend the range. Colin Davis has kindly added Pinafore from 1970 to the archive along with some photos of the cast.

I've taken the liberty of colouring some of the line drawings on the covers, hopefully in a tasteful manner. A few include the poster displayed at Budleigh Salterton prior to the tour.

Pirates 1968 1968 Pirates of Penzance at College
Pinafore 1970 1970 HMS Pinafore at College
and Photos of the cast
Yeomen 1972 1972 The Yeomen of the Guard at College
Sorcerer 1972 1972 The Sorcerer at Budleigh Salterton
Iolanthe 1973 1973 Iolanthe at College
Princess Ida 1974 1974 Princess Ida at College
HMS Pinafore 1974 1974 HMS Pinafore at Budleigh Salterton
The Mikado 1975 1975 The Mikado at College
Patience 1975 1975 Patience at Budleigh Salterton
Utopia Ltd 1976 1976 Utopia Ltd at College
Pirates of Penzance 1976 1976 Pirates of Penzance at Budleigh Salterton
Orpheus in the underworld 1977 Orpheus in the underworld at College
Yeomen of the guard 1977 Yeomen of the guard at Budleigh Salterton
Anniversary concert 1977 Anniversary concert at Budleigh Salterton.
Iolanthe 1978 Iolanthe (programme A) at Budleigh Salterton. (programme B).
Princess Ida 1979 Princess Ida at Budleigh Salterton.
The Sorcerer 1980 The Sorcerer at College.
Utopia Ltd 1982 Utopia Ltd at Budleigh Salterton.
Yeomen of the guard 1983 Yeomen of the guard at College.
The Gondoliers 1983 The Gondoliers at Budleigh Salterton.
Iolanthe 1984 Iolanthe at College.
Pirates of Penzance 1984 The Pirates of Penzance at Budleigh Salterton.
HMS Pinafore 1991 HMS Pinafore at Budleigh Salterton.
Silver Jubilee 1992 Silver jubilee at Budleigh Salterton.
Princess Ida 1993 Princess Ida at Budleigh Salterton.
Cabaret 1995 Cabaret at College.
Yeomen of the guard 1995 Yeomen of the Guard at Budleigh Salterton.
The boyfriend 1996 The boyfriend at College.

Some other memorabilia from Roger Nicholl's collection

Programmes from the Charity Concerts mid-tour in Budleigh Salterton

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