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Technical Manuals


Audioline TEL110 Audioline telephone Model TEL 110 217kB
AutelDAC 720 Auteldac 720/ 720X Full dialler and autodialler weather resistant telephones 133kB
Big Button 200
BT Big Button Issue 4
BT Big Button corded phone has accessibility features - handsfree, amplified speech, large buttons to assist with mobility difficulties or sight-impairment. Issue 1 1.3MB Issue 4 672kB
Converse 180 User Guide
Converse 300 long user guide
Converse 300 short user guide
Converse 2100
Converse 180 basic feature phone 1 MB
Converse 300 basic feature phone. PHME 8022 Long 6 MB Short 964 kB

BT Converse 2100 fetaure phone with headset facility. 325kB
Datelphone 4122
Datelphone 4122 is an integral modem and telephone designed for the modern office environment. PH 3468 2MB
Dialatron Trimtronic 10
2-piece phone with keypad in the handset. 10-memory, LNR, tringer off. 175 kB
Dictograph How to use your Dictograph telephone 512kB
Duet 80
Stylish table telephone with 10-number memory 619 kB
Etelphone N1905 Plessey Etelphone N1905 Table telephone - Equivalent to a Planphone, but all contained in a 706 body. 735kB
Etelphone N1906 Plessey Etelphone N1906 Table telephone - Similar to the N1905 above. 821kB
Geemarc Solar 4
One-piece phone with separate base. 3 memories, LNR, recall. 370 kB
GTE Flip-Phone.
US Customer Information
Flip Caller 788 - Instruction Manual
UK Flip-Phone Instructions
Original USA versions and UK version of user instructions.
[220 kB, 426 kB & 631 kB]
Inspiration terminal user Quick Reference Guide PHME 33601 741 kB
KT1 & KT4 Servicing Handbook
Servicing hand book for Philips KT1 and KT4 range of desk telephones - similar to the BT Stateman in design. Courtesy of Bob Fastner 1.7 MB
Linesman's telephone Types 704 & 1705
Pye TMC installation and operating instructions for the linesman's telephone No 704, green plastic case with dial, central battery or local battery operation. Transmitter off button. 188kB
Linesman's telephone, DSTS 5. Chesilvale (now Tempo) Dual-Standard Test Set No 5, DSTS5, operating instructions - reconstructed from OCR text. Original courtesy of John Goldfinch and Tempo. 357 kB
LST 4 How to use the Loudspeaking Telephone No 4. 2pp 16kB
Magneto desk telephone
A magneto calling version of Telephone No 746 produced by Telcom Products. Was bought by British Rail for use on point-to-point circuits in signalboxes. 491 kB
Minstrel Plus
Two-piece clamshell wall or desk mount telephone. PHME 2401 456 kB
Moneybox Payphone The Moneybox payphone is a table-top instrument offering maximum convenience in a variety of residential, hotel and small business situations, where customers frequently require the use of a telephone. Probably CP/MS 278 2.1 MB
Pentara Plus Pentara Plus extension telephone as part of the Pentara call connect system. 1.2 MB
Plessey Etelphone N1905
Plessey Etelphone N1906
Plessey Telephone Secretarial Sets: Plessey Etelphone N1905 Manual. Equivalent to a Planphone, but all contained in a 706 body. 735 KB, Plessey Etelphone N1906 Manual. Similar to the above. 821 KB.
Plessey Weatherproof 745 type telephone
Weatherproof CB Telephone
Weatherproof Magneto Telephone
Plessey Weatherproof 745 Type Telephone (as in Railways section)
CB Version - vandal resistant. Plessey manual including A2 sized drawing. 822kB
Magneto Version (Transistor ringing). Plessey manual includes large drawing. 453 kB
QWERTY Phone As the name implies it has a full keyboard and serves as messaging system and other facilities. 4.7 MB
Rabbit Private Base Station
Rabbit Handset Park + Charge
Rabbit was a short-lived public mobile phone system. The private base station allowed home use as a cordless phone. The Park and charge provided a means of charging and storing the phone at home. Courtesy of Matthew Harrold. Base 2.3MB, Park 3.1 MB
Racal Acoustics Weatherproof Telephones
RA705/2000 CB Telephone
RA705/4000 Autodialler Telephone
RA705/2000 CB Telephone - later version
RA705 Circuit Diagrams
RA 708 Auto weatherproof telephone
RA711 Vandal resistant telephone
Racal Acoustics weatherproof telephones User and Installation guide.
Early typescript guide for the 2000 series CB 88 kB
Early typescript guide for the 4000 series autodialler 92 kB
Later (1987) printed guide for the 2000 series with extruded aluminium case. 379 kB
Circuit diagrams of CB version and auto version. 401 kB
RA708 introduced in 1993 with rectangular diecast case. 5MB
RA711 vandal resistant phone, flush mounted flat plate design. 7 MB
Rapport Plus Rapport Plus combined telephone and answering machine. 52pp 5.9 MB
Relate 250
Relate 300
Relate 250 feature telephone with digital display. fold-out sheet 422kB
Relate 300 feature phone with digital display and 20 memory buttons. fold-out sheet 699kB
Renown User Guide PHME 10353 2.3 MB
Sceptre 100
The Sceptre can do everything the average telephone can do. and a lot more besides, automatic re-calling, holding numbers 1n its memory and timing calls, to mention iust a few of the facilities. Part of the InPhone range. PH 3665 1.8 MB
Statesman Statesman telephone, Telephone number 9101 - part of the InPhone range 8pp 427kB
Test Telephone 290 Lineman's portable telephone from A.P. Besson. Features loop-dis and DTMF dialling, LNR & 10 memories, polarity indicator, Earth and Timed break recall, hanging loop & belt clip.
Tremolo Tremolo Telephone, Telephone Number 9701, made by Northern Telecom - another of the InPhone range.1166 kB
Make the most of your Tudor telephone. Tudor was a short-llived microprocessor controlled key telephone system with a maximum capacity of 5 exchange lines and 20 extensions.
Vanguard 20 page Guide
Vanguard tri-fold Guide
The Vanguard gives you all the features you would expect from a modem electronic telephone PHME 1229 1.5 MB Single sheet tri-fold Guide PHME 8017 200 kB
Basic desk telephone by STC.


Other Equipment

2+8 System
2+8 Installation & Maintenance guide
2+8 System quick reference
2+8 Telephone user guide

The 2+8 is a microprocessor-controlled Hybrid Keysystem/PABX. It has an ultimate capacity for two exchange lines and eight
TPU 1371 1.3 MB, TPU 1787 295 kB, TPU 1304 2.5 MB
Ambassador Electronic Switching System
User Guide
Installation Instructions
Ambassador & Senator bell installation
Ambassador ESS 2+4 System Manual
User Guide, CP/MS 224. Advice to users of the Ambassador extension instrument. 703 kB
Installation instructions, CP/MS 229, cover the installation of the Ambassador ESS control unit and the wiring and connection of the extension telephones. 804 kB
 Bell installation instructions CP/MS 372 70 kB
System manual CPE/MS 524 1.6 MB
Answering set No 1
Answering Set No 2
The Answering Set No. 1 enables you, by means of a recorded message, to announce your absence to telephone callers and advise them when and where they may get in touch with you. 145kB
The Answering Set No 2A enables you to record a two-minute message and to replay the message to people who call your telephone number. 196 kB
Case Megastream Optical 1A
The Case MegaStream Optical No1A (CM01A) is a wall or table top mounted unit for housing the line terminal equipment associated with two separate 2Mbit/s Optical Fibre Digital Line Sections (OFDLS) in customers premises. 234 kB
Consort 1+4 Installation
Consort 1+4 System Manual
The CONSORT is a small microprocessor controlled key module system that handles one line and up
to four extensions. It is designed for connection to a direct exchange line and can also be connected
as an extension to most Private Branch exchanges (PBXs). Installation: CP-MS 514 2.9MB, System manual: CP-MS 519 900kB
Converter Ringing 15C
The Converter Ringer 15C consists of a circuit module, designed to allow at least eight telephones to ring simultaneously on a single Direct Exchange Line.
Emblem Installation Guide
Emblem Installation & Maintenance Guide
The Emblem Switching System (formerly Merlin S2616) is a stored program controlled switching system capable of
controlling up to six exchange lines and sixteen terminals. Installation Guide, CP-MS 292 1.1 MB
Installation & mainenance guide, CP-MS 296, 3.5 MB
Escort 2+6 System Manual
Escort 2+6 User Guide
Escort is a 2 + 6 switching system consisting of a Central Control Unit (CCU) and up to six key modules each associated with
an approved two wire telephone. The key module provides direct key access to each of the systems exchange lines and extensions, and provides visual indication of the status of each exchange line. Manual: CP-MS 446 1 MB, User Guide: CP-MS 426 890 kB
Gai-tronics Programming command procedures
Programming command proceuders for the Gai-tronics SMART range of environmentally deidicated telephones. 1.1MB
Harrier ISDN Basic Rate Access Tester
The Harrier ISDN2 Hand Held Tester from Chesilvale is a functional tester tailored to fit the needs of Technicians installing, commissioning or maintaining an ISDN basic rate line or terminal equipment. 2.9 MB
Herald Call Connect System
Telephone user handbook
Terminal user handbook
S5102 Operator console guide
Herald is a single-microprocessor controlled key-system for business customers, varying in size from 2+4 to 10+36.
A handbook for telephone terminal users. 1.5 MB
A handbook for de-luxe and standard terminal users 3 MB
Console operator guide for the S5102 version TPU 100C 3.8 MB
Inspiration Quick Reference
Inspiration Owner's Handbook
The BT Inspiration telephone system is a hybrid system using standard phones & its own system phones. From 2 lines and 6 extensions it can be expanded to 6 lines & 18 extensions using either analogue or ISDN2. A very well featured entry level system. Quick Ref: PHME 33601 741 kB Owner's Handbook PHME 33600 7 MB
Ionica User Guide Ionica was a short-lived public network operator between 1995 and 1998 whose connections were delivered wirelessly. Subscribers had an octagonal aerial on their wall. This is the User Guide from 1997 for their customers. Courtesy of Andy Banthorpe. 5 MB
ISDN 2e Changing the way we work
ISDN 2e service from BT which provides a fast, flexible and reliable way of sending and receiving voice, data, text and image communications across the public BT network. 738 kB
Keltek AC15 long-line extension
Keltek Wall Case 1P
The British Telecom designed extension telephone end AC15C Converter consists of a single 62-type plug-in module. 1.5 MB
Case for signalling equipment including mains power supply. 827 kB
Kilostream N Private Circuits This Operating guide gives information on KiloStream N private circuits, including: connecting your equipment to the network terminating unit; what the displays mean; how to test your line; how to test your equipment. PHME 16713 649 kB
Kinsman Console Operating Instructions
Kinsman limited programming guide
Kinsman 543 Console operating & programming
Kinsman & Viceroy customer configuration
BT badged version of Mitel SX20 analogue, stored Programme Control (SPC) PABX employing Solid state space-division switching. Console instructions MER 9 1.8 MB Programming guide MER 10 998 kB
Console operating & programming guide for the 543 version  MER 38 3.8 MB
Configuration record sheets for Kinsman 543 and Viceroy 243 MER 43 1.2 MB
Line Tester 422A/1 910801
Line Tester 422A is designed to test telephone lines by dividing the line and the line circuit, thus giving total control. The Tester is designed to work to the Exchange Neg 50v DC supply, or Mains 240v AC supply via a plug fitted with a 3 amp fuse. 912 kB
Locator 8A Comprising Receiver 8A and Transmitter 8A. Used for locating buried services and cables. An amusingly written and illustrated instruction book with characters C.A.T. and Genny. 1.2 MB
London 12 PABX System Manual
London 12 User Guide
London 12 Extension User codes
The LONDON 12 is a stored program control (SPC) small PABX . The system utilises microprocessor control and solid state switching and can support both LD and MF telephones. System Manual 7MB
User Guide 474 kB, Extension User Codes 58 KB
London 16 Programming Manual
Part of the London range of small PABXs. Can be configured with up to 16 extensions or 8 exchange lines. 2.8 MB
London 32 & 64 Installation Manual
Operator Console Manual
Programming Manual
The two larger member of the London Range. Programming is identical to the London 16. Installation Manual 2.2MB
Operator Console Manual 748 kB, Programming Manual (incomplete) 2.8 MB
Meridian Norstar Compact System
M7100 telephone user
Telephone feature card
Secretary feature card
Receptionist feature card
The BT Meridian Norstar Compact Telephone System is a digital non ISDN key system with the ability to connect a couple of basic phones (cordless, fax, tam) using an optional adaptor. Up to six lines and sixteen extensions can be connected. 765 kB, 1.3 MB, 992 kB, 845 kB
Minimaster 3
Minimaster Installation
Minimaster system manual
User Guide for the Minimaster 3 small exchange. 12pp 1.02 MB
Installation Guide for the Minimaster 3 small exchange. 10pp 303 kB
System Manual CP-MS 474 2.8 mB
Mitel SX10 & 20:
Extension Features
Extension Reference Card

Monarch console operator's handbook
How to use the operator's console connected to a Monarch 120B telephone system from British Telecom. The Monarch is one of the most modem and sophisticated telephone systems available. PH 3231, 39pp, 11/1983 2.6 MB
NTE 8 Engineer's Installation Guide
The Network Terminating Equipment 8 (NTE8) is the customer termination for the BT ISDN2e service and this
document is a guide to the installation procedure. A fold-up leaflet showing mounting details, wiring of customer equipment, and block diagram. Ref 8820 10/2004 235 kB
Norstar M7100 User card
Norstar compact telephone feature card
Norstar compact secretary feature card
Norstar compact receptionist feature card
BT badged Norstar compact system from Nortel maximum 6+16. Telephone user card 765 kB
Telephone feature card 1.3 MB
Secretary feature card 992 kB
Receptionist feature card 845 kB
Octara 32 Phone System guide
The Octara 32 Digital Phone System is a stored-program controlled telephone system with a maximum capacity of 10 Exchange lines and 32 Extensions. The control unit is a wall mounted cabinet containing Processor, Line-cards, Modular power supply and the box connection terminals. TGN 0033, 2.5 MB
Oldham GPO lamp No 13
Cylindrical battery torch with swivelling and tiltable head. 189 KB
Omnicom Extension User Guide
Omnicom was a 2+7 PABX from Tetrel Ltd in Llantrisant. 5.7 MB
Pentara 100 Product Guide
Pentara Plus User's Guide
Pentara 100 Console operator's guide
Product Guide for Pentara 100 & 100E Phone System, TPU 83. 4.3 MB
User guide for the Pentara Plus office key system, TPU 1040F. 24pp 1.2 MB
Console operator's guide for the Pentara 100, TPU 100C, 2.85 MB
Philips KBX 3 & 6 Plansets Installation
Philips KBX 3 & 6 Plansets Maintenance
Philips KT2 terminals for KBX 3 & 6
Small electronics plansets from Philips. Installation instructions 309kB
Maintenance Handbook .1MB
The dedicated terminals used with the plansets 247 kB
PMBX 2/- Small Switchboards
PMBX 2+6
PMBX 3+12
PMBX 4+18
PMBX 5+20
PMBX 10+50
Operating Instructions for the PMBX 2 range of small switchboards.
185 kB, 251 kB, 204 kB, 245 kB, 241 kB
Prestel a brief guide
Prestel is a means of communication which links the user of an adapted television receiver to a virtually unlimited store of information, held on computers, via a telephone line. Prestel also enables users to send messages, 372 kB
Racal Acoustics Freedom Headset
Freedom Headset is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable, enabling you to wear it for long periods without discomfort. When used with telephones it frees both hands, enabling you to be more efficient. 3MB
Revelation Owner's Handbook
Revelation Installation & Maintenance
Revelation User Guide
BT Revelation is a small key system in four different sizes: 1+6, 2+6, 3+9 and 4+12. BT Revelation is a hybrid system. It may be set up as a PABX, with all calls being answered by an operator, or you can use it as a key system. PHME 25311 2.6 MB, Inst & mtce 266 kB User 129 kB
Senator system manual
The SENATOR Switching System is a microprocessor controlled system which can have up to five exchange or PBX lines and up to 10 extensions connected to it. (5 + 10). It uses dedicated telephones, with plug and socket connections. System manual CP-MS 526, 2.5 MB
Scopple electronic test probe
Tester No 286A. Originally designed for STC installation staff to use when installing TXE4 telephone exchanges for British Telecom. Pulses as short as one millisecond in duration can be displayed. 817 kB
STC 4117 PAX Circuit Handbook
STC 4117 PAX Connect Circuit
The STC 4117 private automatic exchange (PAX) catered for 50 to 100 llines and was widely used on British Railways for internal communications within depots and large offices. This handbook must have been copied in the 1970s before the widespread use of Xerox copiers [535 kB].
British Railways Eastern Region drawing No 101557 shows the connect circuit for the 4117 PAX based on STC drawing 499 LSU 2400. An A1 dyeline print. [107 kB]
Tandata Viewdata Terminal
Tandata setup
The Tandata terminal provided a means of connecting to the Post Office viewdata service, Prestel. It comprised a control unit containing a modem and either integral or separate keyboard and TV modulator. Manual 24pp 866kB Setup 21kB
Telecom Gold - a Quick guide
Telecom Gold - A Quick Guide to Mail
BT introduced an electronic mail service, Telecom Gold, in 1982, under licence from Dialcom in the USA. It linked into the Telex system and had a number of information providers. Quick Guide: 100 pp 8.2 MB Quick Mail Guide: 42pp 2.2MB
Tester 132C Operating Instructions A kit for non-contact cable tracing using Oscillator 87G and Amplifier 109H. Made by Chesilvale for BT.
Tester 301A Handbook
Tester 301B Handbook
Tester 301C Handbook
Pulse echo tester (Time-domain Reflectometer) used for location of disconnection and short-circuit faults in local underground network. The B version improved the user interface. The C version is much neater. Range 1000 metres. 301A 931 kB 301B 807kB 301C 329kB
Trent 50 Executive Callmaker
The Trent call maker has been designed to give easy trouble free dialling of up to 50 separate telephone numbers each containing a maximum of 20 digits. The call maker also provides on hook dialling plus a call monitor, call timer, 24 hour clock and date function and a visual display of the number dialled. PH 3200 542 kB
Tyne 50 Callmaker
The Tyne Callmaker has been designed to give easy trouble free dialling of up to 50 separate telephone numbers each containing a maximum of 18 digits. Calling a stored number requires just one press of a button. PH 3161 267 kB
Viceroy console operating instructions
Viceroy limited programming guide
BT badged version of Mitel Super 10. Console & customer programming operations for 243 version MER 37 3.7 MB
Limited programming guide MER 11 798 kB
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