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ASCII 63, 67 & Model 35 keyboard Code charts for ASCII 63 and ASCII 67 followed by relevant layouts of Teletype Model 35 keyboard layouts. 311 kB
Automatic Teleprinter Working Article from the Post Office Electrical Engineers' Journal, Vol 47, July 1954. Review of teleprinters and tape transmitters and reperforators for point-to-point working. Recent developments and future trends. 1.1 MB
The Automatic Telex Service Paper No 215 presented to the IPOEE London Section in 1959 by Forster, Barton & Ellis. 34 pages with diagrams and photos. 4.4 MB
Basic Principles of a Teleprinter Short course from Creed's training school. 8 pp with diagrams 274 kB
Baudot Multiplex Type-printing System Post Office Technical Pamphlet for Workmen B6. A clear explanation of how the Baudot system worked, orginally from 1919 and reprinted 1934. Digital recreation from an original in the collection of Bob Fastner . 349kB
Central Telegraph Office Photo Album
Part of a three-day fund-raising bazaar, run by the Post Office's CTO staff in 1922 in aid of St Bartholemew's and other local hospitals. Sweets, dolls, "a large amount of knitted costumes" and even "a doll's house and a number of pictures and porcelain of various kinds" gifted by the Queen were among the items that were on sale. There were also concerts and other side shows too, and the event ended up raising around £3000. Presumably, sales of this album - both at the event and to colleagues at other centres at 2s-6d, post free, made up some of that. Courtesy of Neil Johannessen. 20pp 11 MB
Code & Interface reference cards Handy little reference cards supplied by manufacturers with teleprinter codes, interface signals, ASCII, EBCDIC, wpm to bits/s. Courtesy of Don Robert Hosue 1.6 MB
Creed 6S6 autotransmitter maintenance manual
Creed 6S6 Connections
Maintenance manual for the 6S6 & 6S6M autotransmitter (tape reader). Courtesy of Dave Wade, G4UGM. 3.5 MB
Connection details for the Creed model 6S6 paper tape reader. Extract from the RSGB Teleprinter Handbook. 91 kB
Creed Jones Plug Arrangment Where Creed teleprinters were fitted with a 12-pin miniature Jones plug, this was the standard arrangement of pin numbers and wire colours. 14 kB
Creed model 7B
Creed model 7 - Teleprinters I have known
Automatic CR/ LF on a Model 7B
Overlap cam unit
Teleprinter No 7
Creed Model 7B: Part of Chapter 2 from the RSGB Teleprinter Handbook by Hobbs, Yeomanson & Gee. This is pretty much a verbatim copy of part of the Creed handbook for the Model 7B teleprinter. 2.0 MB
Teleprinters I have known: Article by Alan Hobbs, G8GOJ, from the Telecommunications Heritage Journal, February 2003
Automatic CR/LF: Discovered in my stash of old documents was this item from the BARTG Newsletter for June 1974. A cunning modification to add automatic carriage return and line feed to the Model 7B. 136 kB
Overlap cam unit: Creed Technical Information Sheet No 30. Supplement describing the overlap cam unit that modifies printing so that it occurs immediately instead of after the next character is received.
Teleprinter No 7: Post Office Educational Pamphlet, Telegraphy 4/1. The Teleprinter No 7. Excellent explanation of the operation of the teleprinter with mechanical diagrams. 2.4 MB
Creed Model 25 Punch Creed Model 25 parallel punch, intended for data processing applications. Courtesy of Dave Wade, G4UGM.989 kB
Creed Model 47 Tape Printing Teleprinter Creed Model 47 intended for use in the Post Office telegram network. It printed on paper tape. Description and Principles of operation manual, 48 pages, Courtesy of Dave Wade, G4UGM.7.6 MB
Creed Model 54 Maintenance Manual Creed No 54 Page teleprinter Maintenance Manual, 1st edition 1954. Courtesy of Dave Wade, G4UGM.2.5 MB
Creed Model 75 Creed News article
Creed Model 75 - Teleprinters I have known
Creed Model 75 Brochure
Article Reprinted from the Spring 1962, Golden Jubilee, issue of Creed News 227kB
Teleprinters I have known by the late Alan Hobbs, G8GOJ, produced for the BARTG Magazine Datacom. 539 kB
Brochure from 1958, The completely new Creed Model Seventy-Five. 863kB
Creed Model 75 Equipment Manual
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4A
Part 4B
Part 5
Part 6A
Part 6B
Part 6C
Part 6D
Part 6DD
Part 7
Provisional Adjustment Instructions
Technical Manual for the Creed Model 75 teleprinter, 1965
Introduction 185 Kb
Part 1 - Data Summary & Technical Description 1.8 MB
Part 2 - Installation and Operation 753 kB
Part 3 - Maintenance & Lubrication 3.0 MB
Part 4A - Adjustments Pp 1 to 50 2.1 MB
Part 4B - Adjustments Pp 51 to 97 2.0 MB
Part 5 - Dismantling & Assembling Instructions 1.7 MB
Part 6A - Appendices A to F 1.1 MB
Part 6B - Appendix H Tape Reader Attachment 1.6 MB
Part 6C - Appendix J Silencing Cover 3.3 MB
Part 6D - Appendix L Printing Reperforator 1.3 MB
Part 6DD - Parts list for Appendix L 3.6 MB
Part 7 - Parts List 13.6 MB
Model PR Seventy-Five Printing Reperforator Provisional Adjustment Instructions April 1961. 1.0 MB
There is no Appendix I. As ITT Creed no longer exist you can't use the Parts List to order spares, but it does have rather good exploded diagrams of all the main units. Beware, though, it's a big file. 
Creed Model 444 Equipment Manual
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Installation & Operating
Part 3: Maintce & Lubrication
Part 4: Adjustments
Part 5: Dismantling & Reassy
Part 6: Appendices
Part 7: Parts List
Technical Manual for the Creed Model 444 teleprinter, 1975, courtesy of Peter Nicol G8VXY.
Part 1: Introduction 2.2MB
Part 2 - Installation and Operation Instructions 836 kB
Part 3 - Maintenance & Lubrication 2.5 MB
Part 4 - Unit Adjustments 3.6 MB
Part 5 - Dismantling & Assembling Instructions 6.8 MB
Part 6 - Appendices A,B C & J 510 kB
Part 7 - Parts List 6.8 MB
Creed Model 444 technical Specification
Creed Model 444 - Teleprinters I have known
Creed Model 444 Bibliography
Creed publication summarising the technical features of the Model 444 (GPO Teleprinter No 15) 1.1 MB
Article by Alan Hobbs describing the history and development of the Creed 444. First published in the Telecommunications Heritage Journal. 456 kB
Bibliography contains documents collected from various issues of the BARTG journal, Datacom which comprise the references contained within Alan Hobb's (G8GOJ) article, Teleprinters for the Radio Amateur at 356 kB
Creed Morse Equipment
Morse Keyboard Perforator (1940)
Morse Keyboard Perforator (1945)
Morse Keyboard Perforator Parts list
Morse Reperforator (1934)
Morse Reperforator (1945)
Morse Printer Model 1-T (1939)
Creed made these machines for working high-speed Morse using paper tape input and reception. Courtesy of Tony Duell and Hugh Small.
Keyboard perforator for preparing the tape Model 9, 1940 edition, 17pp 625 kB
Same only 1945 edition, 32pp 1.4 MB
Parts list for the Morse perforator, 26pp 2.8 MB and the
Receiving reperforator to transfer signals received either off air or cable to paper tape. Model 7W 1934 Edition 1.6 MB
1945 Edition of above, Model 7W/3, with excellent photos courtesy Rodger Bean.
Tape and page printer, Models 1-T & 1-P, June 1939 2.7MB

D3108 Commissioning Tests Post Office Engineering Instruction D3108 on Commissioning Tests of Stations Equipped with Units Telex Nos 1,2,3,6, or 10. Courtesy of Kevin Dodman 655kB
Development of Telegraph Switching in Great Britain Paper No 189 presented to the IPOEE London Centre in 1949 by Martin & Freebody. 24 pages with diagrams and photos. 4 MB
Elementary Principles of Telegraphy Systems up to Morse Duplex Post Office Technical Pamphlet for Workmen B1. Starts from basic principles and works up through single and double current systems to the Wheatstone ABC. Digital Recreation from original owned by Mike Tyrrell. 346kB
Envoy Electronic Dataprinter Creed's foray into the world of computer printing with the Envoy dataprinter. The Envoy was designed to use the 7-bit ASCII character set. It used a type sleeve print head like its predecessor the model 75 but was capable of printing the entire 127 characters. Dated 1968. 12pp 2.1 MB
Eyeball Characters An article by me on how to produce characters in punched tape that can be read by eye. Produced for the BARTG Magazine Datacom.[HTML]
Facsimile Telegraphy Post Office educational pamphlet from way back in 1958 when FAX was still using rotating drum transmission and thermal or chemical printing. Nonetheless the basic principles are still sound. 2.1 MB
GNT High-speed Morse Transmitter Great Northern Telegraph Works high-speed Wheatstone type Morse transmitter capable of running at 13 to 250 words per minute on long-distance telegraph circuits. Instruction book with diagrams and parts list. Courtesy of Dave Brown in New Zealand. 1.1 MB
Hughes Type-Printing Telegraph Post Office Technical Pamphlet for Workmen B5. A short description of the operation of the Hughes Printing Telegraph, first published 1919. Explains the signalling method and how the sending and receiving ends are synchronised. Digital recreation from an original in Martin Loach's collection. 394kB
An Introduction to Amateur Radio Teletype The definitive guide to amateur radio teleprinting written by one of the pioneers, the late Irvin Hoff, W6FFC. 188kB
An Introduction to Creed Teleprinters 1958
An Introduction to Creed Teleprinters 1966
and Punched Tape Equipment. Creed publication from 1958 with many photographs of current equipment, which was the Model 54 at the time. The 'new' model 75 gets a brief mention. Digital recreation. 52pp 2.5 MB
Later edition dated 1966 with only 16 pages. 3 MB
The Introduction of Automatic Switching to the Inland Teleprinter Network Paper No 195 presented to the IPOEE London Centre in 1949 by Wilcockson & Mitchell. 32 pages with diagrams and photos. 2.7 MB
Memories of the Teleprinter Pioneering Period Creed staff member R. Royan remembers the days when teleprinters were a revolutionary advance in communications. Reprinted from the Golden Jubilee edition of Creed News in Spring 1962 295 kB
Morse Keyboard Perforators Post Office Technical Pamphlet for Workmen B3. Wheatstone high speed Morse system - Keyboard preforators. Covers the Gell, Kleinschmidt and Creed machines. First published 1919: reprinted with corrections to 1934. Courtesy of Hywel Clatworthy. 1.8 MB
PO Engineering Instructions Post Office Enginerring Instructions relating to teleprinters. Courtesy of Kevin Dodman. This is a link to the index script. The index files are A0000 and A0002.
Print out 15 - Frederick Creed Centenary Edn
A four-monthly digest of news from ITT-Creed. December 1971 edition - celebrated the centenary of founder Frederick Creed. Contains a biography tied in with the history of the company up to his retirement in March 1930. 24pp 3.5 MB
Quadruplex Telegraphs & Repeaters Post Office Technical Pamphlet for Workmen B4. Part A explains the fundamentals of quadruplex working with step-by-step circuit analysis. Part B states the reasons for repeaters and lists the different types. First published 1919: reprinted 1936 with corrections to 1934. Digital recreation from an original in the collection of Martin Loach. 334 kB
RTTY Handbook - 1982 A collection of articles originally published in the RTTY Journal in 1982. Includes: RTTY for Beginners, Teletype stunt box modifications, Filters for RTTY. Courtesy of Don Robert House. 8.4 MB
RTTY The Easy Way - 5th Edition 457 kB
RTTY The Easy Way - Early Edition [1.2 MB]
A guide to setting up an amateur radio teleprinter station. Fifth edition, edited by Alan Hobbs, G8GOJ. Includes the ST-5 terminal unit. Published by BARTG 455kB
The early edition was by Arthur Owen, G2FUD, and includes the DL6EQ valve-based terminal unit.
Siemens Teleprinter 1000 Manual Siemens Teleprinter T1000. Technical desrciption and explanation of the principles of operation. Courtesy of Ronan Scaife. 7 MB
Subscribers' Station Equipment Description of customer premises equipment for the British Telex service. Includes circuit diagrams of the local control unit. Extract from "Telex: a detailed exposition of the telex system of the British Post Office" by Roy Worth Barton, Pitman, 1968, ISBN 10: 0273421069 / ISBN 13: 9780273421061 479kB
Telegraph Concentrators Post Office Technical Pamphlet for Workmen B2. A telegraph concentrator is te equivalent of a telephone switchboard allowing several telegraphs to be handled at a single position. There is also a section on distribution of standard time signals. 1.3 MB
Telegraph Distortion Measuring Set ATE Telegraph Distortion Measuring Set Type TDMS5BV. An amazing piece of equipment from 1961 stuffed full of valves. Courtesy of Tony Duell 3.1 MB
Telegraph Test Coder ATE Telegraph Test Coder Type TDA-10. Generates a test message (eg "The Quick brown fox") for use in the TDMS above. Mounted in a plug-in can the size of the Carpenter relay used inside the TDMS above. Courtesy of Tony Duell 800 kB
Telegraphy A resumé of electrical telegraphy from the centenary edition of the Post Office Electrical Engineers' Journal, Vol 49 Part 3, October 1956. Digital recreation from an original in the collection of Bob Fastner. Extra pictures thanks to Fons Vanden Berghen. 909kB
Teleprinter No 11 Article from the Post Office Electrical Engineers' Journal, Vol 46, July 1953. Replacement for the Teleprinter No. 3 which uses many common parts from the Model 7. 928kB
Teletype equipment for 5-level data communications 8-page sales booklet from Teletype about the variations of Model 28 and 32 machines with illustrations and descriptions. Courtesy of Don Robert House 1.6 MB
Teletype Model 28 Technical Data Teletype Model 28 KSR and RO Technical Data on 'Page Printer Sets'. NADCOMM collection, courtesy of Don Robert House 3.3 MB
Teletype Model 28ASR General Description Teletype Model 28 ASR A glossy brochure describing the general features of the Model 28 automatic send/ receive set, Issue 1 1958. NADCOMM collection, courtesy of Don Robert House. Much colour and many illustration hence large file size 13.3 MB
Teletype Model 28 RT Set Teletype Model 28 RT set (Reperforator, transmitter-distributor) for high speed message relaying: General desrciption. Courtesy of Don Robert House. 1.1 MB
Teletype Model 33 Specifications
Model 33 Self-contained Keyboard
Model 35 AW Set
Product data sheet for Model 33 TWX, ASR, KSR and RO sets. 856 kB
Sales brochure for the self-contained keyboard, designed as a simpler method of parallel data entry for computer installations, bypassing the need for tape or punched card. 409 kB
The Model 35 AW set was known to those in the Bell system as the Control-a-Matic, designed to automate message and data collection. A veritable beast of a machine! 488 kB All items courtesy of Don Robert House.
The ABCs of Teletype A glossy 16-page booklet explaining how Teletype equipment works and illustrating various models of both 5-unit and 8-unit machine. There is a section describing where in business Teletype equipment is being used. Courtesy of Don Robert House. 2.9 MB
The Printing Telegraph Reference Book
A booklet prepared by Messrs Creed, probably in the 1920s. It defines many terms used in telegraphy and describes, with photographs, the various systems made by Creed - Morse, Murray Multiplex, and Direct Start-Stop. 60pp 6.6 MB
The Teletype Story A glossy history of the Teletype Corporation prepared for its Golden Jubilee in 1958. It was given away at special occasions, to good customers, and to most anyone who wanted a copy. Thanks to Don Robert House for the original and George Hutchison for scanning it. Digital recreation of the text. Rather heavy on graphics - hence the large file size 6.5 MB
Tuning Aids A booklet showing circuits and construction details for various RTTY tuning aids - a simple scope and the more advance Toni-Tuna, designed by Tony Oakley, G4HYD. Published by BARTG 1.2 MB
Western Electric Duplex Multiplex Type-printing System Post Office Technical Pamphlet for Workmen B7. Includes the Murray and Siemens & Halske Multiplex Systems. Detailed explanation of how the systems work and the gains in circuit capacity from using multiplex working. Digital recreation from an original in the collection of Martin Loach. 556 kB
WU Tech Review Jan 1949 - Facsimile articles
Western Union Technical Review Vol 3, No 1, Jan 1949. Three articles about facsimile: 'Facsimile in telegraphy'; 'Recording paper'; 'Facsimile transceiver' 2.1 MB


Teletype Manuals

The Teletype Bulletins for the Model 15 were scanned in by Jim Haynes and hosted on Eugene Herz's web site. They were in JPG format as individual pages. I thought they might be more convenient collated into PDF documents.

Some of the Bell System Practice (BSP) Documents are courtesy of Steve Cichorsky (via the Greenkeys mailing list) and Don Robert House.

In addition Nick England has created an anthology of Teletype manuals on his web site at:

AP M15 & M20 Gear Change
AP Field Maintenance Manual
Associated Press Manuals, courtesy Jim Haynes.:
Handbook showing in pictures how to change the gears on Models M15 and M20. 1.5 MB
Field maintenance manual for Models M15 and M20. [Original badly faded] 2.9 MB
Bulletin 144 Description
Text part
Bulletin No 144. Description of the type bar page-printing teleprinter, Model 15. text: 1.1 MB, diagrams: 2.0 MB
Bulletin 138 Adjustments
Front pages
Section 1a
Section 1 1b
Section 2
Section 3
Bulletin No 138. Adjustment instructions for the type bar page-printing teleprinter, Model 15. Front: 463 kB, Sect 1a: 2.3 MB, Sect 1b: 2.2 MB, Sect 2: 206 kB, Sect 3: 1.3 MB
Bulletin 1147B - Motors Bulletin No 1147B. Motors, Governors and Accessories (pre-Model 28 lines). Courtesy Jim Haynes. 879 kB
Bulletin 1037B Parts Catalogue
Front pages
Section Ia
Section Ib
Sections II to IV
Section V
Bulletin No 1037B. Parts Catalogue for the type bar page-printing teleprinter, Model 15. Front: 518 kB, Sect Ia: 1.8 MB, Sect Ib: 1.2 MB, Sect II-IV: 439 kB, Sect V: 2.0 MB
Bulletin 213B Sequential Selector Description
Bulletin No 213B. Description of the Sequential Selector mechanism with diagrams, popularly know as the 'Stunt Box'. 1.8 MB
Data Set 101C
Bell System Practice for the Data Set 101C. 1.1 MB
Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual No 29. Simply a list of the documents required for an installation of the Teletype Model 15, Model 19 and Model 14 Reperforator set. 71 kB
Maintenance tools
BSP catalogue of the tools supplied to AT&T technicians for maintenance work on Teletypes. Diagrams with parts numbers. Courtesy of Steve Cichorsky. 844 kB
Model 32 Manuals
A complete scan of the Model 32 manuals courtesy of John Rowlands. This is a link to the index page.
Stationery for Teletypewriters
BSP Information on Stationery for Teletypewriters. Information on friction, fanfold and sprocket fed paper, gummed tape, and ribbons. Dimensions and paper weight. NADCOMM collection, courtesy of Don Robert House. 513 kB
Subscribers set 130 Description
Subscribers set 130 Installation
BSP AT&T Subscribers set 130, a voice-frequency carrier terminal unit. The installation document lists all the voice frequencies available. Courtesy of Steve Cichorsky. 485 & 215 kB
Tape Winder Description
BSP Teletype Tape winder description. Courtesy of Steve Cichorsky. 260 kB
Teletype Equipment for 5-level data communications
Eight page booklet describing the range of equipment for 5-level data comms - The Models 28 and 32 - and their variants. Also gives the dimensions and weights. Courtesy of Don Robert House. 825 kB
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